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seo girlStill in around Busby SEO Test which are which sitting back on my free-7 blogspot, Now i write these description about what's the beautiful word so called SEO ,perhaps now or at one time will be useful knowledge for new comer in the internet world especially for beginners which developing and learning more to blogging and webmastering. or at least will be reding stuffs for my offspring later whilst the internet still live in the world.

The SEO is something that become an elementary base of the activicties to optimizing a web site by improving internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the site receives from the search engines like Google , Yahoo, MSN. to do optimizing the website or blog for search engine can be require looking in very much unique elementers that many practicals of SEO (SEOs /SEO-Analyzer) which considering themselves get in the area of website optimization that.

However in fact about the seo activities was not too complicated and difficult as does in learning programming languages likes C, Basic,Java, Phyton, or others , which being difficulty in seo-ing are emulationing and fight overing keywords and how make good contents ,and also fight overing to get as many possible votings from other sites.
Yes, seoing are just how get original keywords and votings., therefore who having first key phrase that's what will being strong in search engine results position , it's the fact, not The estimate, or just my test phrases,Ok.
seo table rankAbout the search engine ,Now how search engines operating their system. there's four steps:

-Do Crawl the sites in the internet world
The search engines was running automatically programs, which has called "spiders" or "bots" example:google bots, that using the hyperlinks structure of the internet world to crawling every pages of sites and documents that make up the World Wide Web (www). The estimating are that of the-approximately 20 billion of existing pages, search engines have crawled between 8 and 10 billion of event till today

-Do formationing and indexing documents
While once the page has been crawled, it is contents can be indexed or stored in the giant database of documents that makes up a search engine's "index". This index needs to be tightly managed, so that requests which must search and sort billions of documents can be completed in fractions of a second and in sophisticated era now that's even less than one second

-Do process the queries
While a request for information was comes into the search engine ,now was hundreds of millions do each day, And the engine retrieves from its index all the document that match the query. A match is determined if the terms or phrase is found on the page in the manner specified by the user. Here's just for example, a search for busby and seo book at Google returns 8.25 million results, however the search for the same phrase in quotes (busby and seo book) returns only 166 thousand results. In the first system, commonly called on findall mode, And google returned all documents which had the terms "busby" "seo" and "book" (they ignore the term "and" because it's not useful to narrowing the results), while in the second search, only those pages with the exact phrase "busby and hat book " were returned. Other advanced operators (on google has a list of 11) will can change which results a search engine will consider a emulation for a given query at search results pages .

-Do Rank Results
And also whenever once the search engine has be determined to which results 're a match for the query, the search engine's algorithm runs calculations on each of the results to determine which is most relevant to the given query. They sort these on the results pages in order from most relevant to least so that users can make a choice about which to select as related query which have given.


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