Sunday, March 8, 2009

Download ebook Google Hacking For Penetration Tester

 Google Hacking For Penetration TesterDo you wanna learn hacking..? or

Whether there is still have the understanding that a hacker is evil, and knowledge of hacking is wrong ..?

OK, i'm not a hacker ,but i'll said my statement that the hackers with them hacking science was build all the system and computer technology to great as now.

The hackers are programmers who have knowledge and skill. and just a few crimes that happened like in the internet world is only doing a few people who have made the abuse of hacking knowledges (cracker).

All knowledge can be good or harmful depending on the human character beings have..."don't you say all that you know, but know all that you say"

Here's just google tips . in this ebook you can find many useful konowledge about google, GHDB, and others technologies :

-Learn Google Searching Basics
-Explore Googles Webbased Interface, build Google queries, and work with Google URLs.
-Use Advanced Operators to Perform Advanced Queries
-Combine advanced operators and learn about colliding operators and bad searchfu.
-Learn the Ways of the Google Hacker
-See how to use caches for anonymity and review directory listings and traversal techniques.
-Understand Googles Part in an Information Collection Framework
-Learn the principles of automating searches and the applications of data mining.
-See Ten Simple Security Searches Learn a few searches that give good results just about every time and are good for a security assessment.
-Learn more about the AJAX Search API, Calendar, Blogger, Blog Search, and more....

Download ebook Google Hacking For Penetration Tester , check out link below:

Google Hacking Download


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