Sunday, May 17, 2009

Free blogspot templates

Today so many free blogspot templates or blogger skin in internet, that was created and modified by any blogger. So, caused of a lot templates from various style and design ,perhaps that's made us ask about how choosing the best layout of blog template.

Follows are just short tips how to choose the best blogger template

Chose template that was stable. Because, as we know that not all template has good browser compatibility, the meaning that when being opened with some Internet browser, for example Mozzila Firefox, IE, Opera, so display of Sidebar or header blog there was no appearances that changed in opened with each browser that one and others.

So, just information that all layouts on my blog-templates Has been tested in every internet browser ,also has been tested in several seo contest, it means all free blogspot templates that i've modified is seo friendly blogger templates also.

Ok,If you're interested , look at :


  1. Sekali2 utk WP dong, mas Iwan... :D

  2. @kikio..kiko..
    salah satu masalahnya kalo utak-atik di hosting wordpressku yg tinggal yg gratis..berat banget ko...tapi aku emang ada rencana utk theme wp ini, masih ngatur waktu..mudah2an sebelum kamu merit dah jadi :D

  3. I like the designs. Is there anyway to check out the source code of these templates? To find out how clean it is and if HTML emphasis (check definition: is properly employed?

  4. @Stanley Was Seo
    of course, please open and view these template codes in your blogger , just an example my post below, with the keyword "SEO Friendly Blogspot Template" Has been the number 1 ranking on from 7 million results , just in 2 hours after I've published this post..till now. and that's just simply post without anything optimizer.
    about the HTML emphasis , you could compare with any templates from other sources .
    thanks friend :)

  5. hi! i like the designs. check out the source of the template.
    more templates

  6. wah..wah makin keren aja nih mas iwan

  7. wow is nice and good template....can i download this template my friends

  8. keren abisssssssss
    salam kenal mas

  9. Hey, thanks for the link. I was looking for a good blogger template site and I was thankful I stumbled on your site! Kudos.

  10. you could also integrate your own template in blogspot.


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