Sunday, May 24, 2009

ZHider - hider tool to hide applications

ZHider ,the application hider
I know that it is just another version software of application hider,Because I think all of us have wanted of a secret language with our friends and or our data/file in the computer not wish to be accessed by the other person .

Next , if you wish...:
- Don't want your boss catches you when your play computer games on your workplace?
- Don't want anybody knows what movies you have seen?
- Need to hide applications and windows in seconds without closing them?
- Feel nervous closing browser windows, games and other running programs every time when somebody enters the room?
- Do you need to hide applications quickly so nobody could see your emails, documents and other private information?
Okay this tool simply hides any aplications ,
ZHider 1s a tiny and easy t0 use utility that can instantly hide windows with a quick keystroke. The hidden windows will not appear in the taskbar or system try, and can be easily unhidden by using another keyboard shortcut. You can also display a list of all currently hidden windows and optionally restore all of them instantly.

The keyboard shortcuts to use are , please read more here:ZHider basic instructions

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In bahasa indonesia learn more here :ZHider-Program Penyembunyi Aplikasi



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