Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Facebook Grader How popular are you in Facebook - don't stop your action

Facebook Grader is the service that enabled you to see as the popular ranking of your profile in the Facebook service.
You just login using the Facebook account, furthermore the Facebook Grader that will present some important information like Rangking Profile, the total number of your friends and how many of your postings that has been published uptil now. There were also the FaceBook Elite facilities ,that presenting the informations of most popular profile users that was recorded in The Facebook Grader ,

Ok, please go to: Facebook Grader

Facebook Grader


  1. Most Popular Person in Facebook, including me.... hihihi

  2. I am not yet using that feature, i think will be great, i will try.

  3. great blog and facebook is the next google. taking over the world. how quickly internet is back as the new boom! love internet and real estate and freedom.


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