Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wisata SEO Sadau - To Promote Indonesia Tourism

a girl as wisata seo sadau cheerleaderJust info about a SEO battle with a purpose to promote a indonesia tourism area of sadau island that located at east kalimantan , wisata seo sadau contest begin on April-1-2009 and will closed on August 16 2009 .

If you 're interested taking part in this competition ,the keyword match that we must challenging in google search engine is Wisata SEO Sadau , but this is only for indonesian bloggers , click the banner below to learn more.

konsultan seo

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  1. bos...bahasa inggrisnya mantap nih kayaknya.... ente juga ke hajar ma google ya? pembersihan spam katanya.. hahaha.. blog gue juga banyak yang kena.. dan blog ini yang ga di apa2in malah nongkrong di depan.. aneh2 aja si google ini


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