Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blogspot template good-looking but heavy load page

This layout named Revolution Church blogspot template that published by, the screen shoot is like below , good-looking ,full feature of widgets, has a SEO friendly css and HTML structure, but rather heavy in page loading speed in the browsers, the heavy load page being caused of this template contained many accessories images that hosted in server ,that's really heavy to accessed ,coz as we know usually the accessories images of templates hosted at or , That indeed these images hosting is good for image hosting templates.

free blogspot template magazine style
If you're interested, then this template that I have modified with reduced some images that's unimportant , so, not too heavy load again, now.

I've placed this template at here: free blogger template

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  1. heavy load page terjadi kemungkinan memang pada hosting yang dipakai untuk script dan gambarnya..tapi templatenya mang bagus ya master....thanks for this info


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