Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Beautiful Technology - 50 Year Old Women did plastic surgery to look like her daughter

It was astonishing that the progress of technology now . A mother(Janet) so obsessed to similar to be her daughter! Jane. While both the age of mother and daughter are 22 year age difference.
sexy motherJanet-Before

sexy twinsJanet- after

janet sexy girlJanet-Jane
twins sexy girlsJanet-Jane

To realize her desires, She (mother) is willing to spend thousands of pounds to undergo plastic surgery. And Janet's efforts that were not futile. Now Janet Cunliffe like twin sister with Jane

Janet was a red-haired before undergoing surgery, now she has been blonde like Jane. Janet beforehand had the fat body, after through the plastic surgery and the diet currently become sexy . In the fact that she is 50 years.While the daughter, Jane aged 28 years!


  1. like mother, like daughter...

  2. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  3. This for sure is one of the best surgery results!

  4. This is unbelievable I mean its fine to look like your mother, but not too much that it eventually changes the relationship from mother daughter to sister sister.


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