Friday, July 17, 2009

Bombers in action at JW Marriott Hotel

Again... the bombers in action at JW Marriott Hotel ,Will become like what's this country , possibly will become the country that was famous with his terrorism actions ..."Terrorism is is to be punished and is an entry to hell.

This was the incident of two times after last 2003 ago ,and the favorable and peaceful condition that was beginning to be established in Indonesia is once again tarnished with another bomb blast in one of Jakarta’s important business districts at in the JW Marriott Hotel and Ritz Carlton ,Kuningan, Jakarta, on Friday 17 -07- 2009.

jw marriot bomb"Indicated the bomb was placed in the bag and was placed in the location" ."There was this indication the suicide bomb," Said, Komisi I DPR, Theo Sambuaga Chairman to the reporter in the location of the incident. Several casualties were killed was recognised by police as the network member of the terrorist in Indonesia. However, was not detailed more far the network of whichever terrorist. Furthermore, he said, it was indicated the perpetrators spent the night on floor 18 the JW Marriott Hotel. He worrying at this time still had other bombs around the hotel. "At this time the control" of "investigation was held fully by the police." The Police were still in investigation, Theo says.


  1. wakh semoga itu tidak terjadi lagi di tahun mendatang......cukuplah tahun ini merupakan tahun terakhir bagi tukang ngebomb

  2. Bajigur yang ngebom tu.... Apa sih yg dia cari??? pa g mikir dampaknya bagi negara kita di mata dunia??
    kl dah gini politik kacau, ekonomi juga kacau....
    Moga yg ngebon tu mdapat balasan yg setimpal n cepat ketangkap...

  3. Once again, terrorists have killed and wounded innocent people. My sympathies to the victims of these tragic attacks and their families. If you want to know more I have collected some good sites or articles (around 200) to get lots of latest information about Jakarta Bombings of 2009 at the Marriott and Ritz Carlton Hotels (covers the news, videos, pictures etc.,). Check the below link


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