Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hack Facebook account basic tutorial video

Hi..I'm not a hacker but,I just found this video from youtube about hack facebook account that called hacker (lamers/crackers) basic tutorial video, in my opinion hacking is not easy ,from the most definition of hacking is the act of gaining access without legal authorization to a computer or computer network. A hacker first attacks an easy target, and then uses it to hide his or her traces for launching attacks at more secure sites. The goal of an attack is to gain complete control of the system [and so you can edit, delete, install, or execute any file in any user’s directory], often by gaining access to a "super-user" account. This will allow both maximum access and the ability to hide your presence, and for newbie hackers needed to be very knowledgeable so that they were able to identify bugs themselves and often write their own programs to exploit them. They had to keep track of the leading developments in the field ,ex :latest bugs, latest patches, latest bugs in the patches, and others... use?

Knowledge is good, and what good is all this knowledge if you are not putting it to use..Enjoy and let's get educated...


  1. this tut sux... why the hell we hav to register in a file hosting site?

  2. wtf ' can i use my friends account 2?

  3. this is kiddie stuff with kiddie script. better off writing your own program in C to retain passwords. thats what the PHP script you see is doing. its called a trojan virus. capture text from fields and email to an account. using phising software will be caught very easily on other peoples pc's. And trust me facebooks servers will catch you using this garbage. Then you will be prosecuted for computer crimes. retard. you are putting your skills against people with upper level degrees (like myself) and large amounts of expierence.

  4. Of course ,it's frauds, not cracking or hacking ..

  5. a higher educated individual would not use the word "retard".

  6. where were you educated? "a higher educated" don't you mean highly educated? and there is no need to use the term retard if you are highly educated as its benith you.

  7. This is the tool to penetrate a facebook account
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  8. Download does not work!


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