Saturday, September 12, 2009

The best Defrag tool PerfectDisk Small and Powerfull

Defrag tool again, such as O&O Defrag Professional ,this tool has a file size much smaller, only 4.68 MB but so powerfull, PerfectDisk takes advantage of a revolutionary patented technology called SMART Placement, it can analyze system data and arrange files logically on a disk according to usage patterns in a way that makes sense.

As we know that disk fragmentation is an important factor in the windows systems performance.Disk fragmentation occurs when files are broken into hundreds or even thousands of pieces and scattered across your hard disk. File fragmentation causes a huge degradation in system performance, and over time can bring your system to a near crawl.

PerfectDisk defragments a disk by locating all parts of a file and bringing them together so that they are contiguous. As a result, the disks read/write head has only one place to look to find a file. This significantly enhances system performance.
PerfectDisk is a defragmenting tool for your Windows PC that will speed up your work, reduce the wear and tear on your hard drive, and make you and Windows more efficient

Oke,learn more and download here :Free Defrag Software PerfectDisk Full Version

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