Saturday, September 12, 2009

Make sitemap wordpress themes - how to display a list of site content

Although I also working with several Wordpress Platform Blogs , but I feel comfortable writing here, on free7 blogspot because so many sweet memories here,on this blog ,

Make sitemap wordpress themes - I would like to share for you who don't know about how to create a sitemap or to display a list of site content in the form of a table of contents like this example: sitemap

Okay, to be able to make settings sitemap / table of contents as I use there, is easy, using Dagon Design Sitemap Generator plugin, download directly here: Dagon sitemap generator

After the download and the sitemap generator plugin activate it, then go to the menu to create a new page: Pages - Add New - then the "Title / title page" give whatever title, such as a sitemap or table of contents, and then enter / click on the HTML mode ( not visual mode ..) and paste the code below:

<!– ddsitemapgen –>

Done, save and publish , for the changes you've mades

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