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Atlantis - The Lost Continent is Indonesia?

Nothing too serious to read this post, regard it as a fiction if you do not like. But, if you want a serious and slightly open mind to the possibilities, yes, please all. "

Atlantis - The Lost Continent,Thats Myth or Reality?

After consulting with "experts" about Atlantis from Indonesia, one of them Red-White Eagle (Atlantis Again?) So...I can answer as follows: "There are many versions of Atlantis, E. Cayce said that "Lemuria" is the name of the continent , and Atlantis is the name of the country (estimated to exist from 24,000 to 10,000 BC.)

As we know that since Plato’s time, explorers who believed that Atlantis did exist have been searching for the lost continent. They have searched in the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean, and in the Aegean Sea. They have searched near such countries as Morocco, Mexico, Spain, France, and Brazil.

Atlantis The Lost Continent
The most popular theory today is that the tiny Greek island of Santorin, which is a gigantic volcanic crater in the Aegean, is none other than the long-lost Atlantis. But no actual remains of this real or mythical civilization have yet been found.

Many writers of adventure tales have told of Atlantis. One of the most famous, perhaps, is Jules Verne. In 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Verne takes his heroes on an exploration of Atlantis on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos, Ph. D. in Nuclear Physics; Free-Docent, and Professor of Nuclear Physics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, has been researching on Atlantis for almost 30 years now, pointing out that "Atlantis was never found because we have all been looking in the wrong places". The reason for this, according to Prof. Santos, is that when Plato spoke of the Ocean of Atlantis, he was not speaking of the ocean that we today call Atlantic Ocean, but of the whole ocean that encircles Eurasia and Africa, formerly known as the atlantic ocean.

Prof. Santos hence concludes that Atlantis is really located in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, which was considered to be the eastward extension of the modern Atlantic Ocean, even though it is impossible that knowledge of such a place could reach a place as far away as Egypt. The modern Atlantic Ocean was once deemed to extend all the way to the East Indies, a conception which lasted down to the times of Christopher Columbus and other Renaissance explorers and geographers.

Despite the prevalent opinion of experts of all sorts that "continents cannot possibly sink" (see Isostasy theory), Prof. Santos managed to discover a whole sunken continent in the region of Indonesia, which he identifies with the Lost Continent of Atlantis, as can be seen in the detailed map published in Santos' Atlantis site.

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