Friday, December 25, 2009

Creative Technology,Transtube 360-degree shower

Transtube 360-degree showerTranstube 360-degree shower from Roca is a round shaped shower like a tube with minimalist design. Really a creative technology.

The Transtube 360-degree showering case surrounds your showering in a curved, frameless potion enclosing that seems to float, weightlessly.

Ideal for minimalist bathrooms where reduction is more, this contemporary, transparent showering case facilities a rotating doorway – no hinges, no screws or handles – that operates automatically upon a suit sensor.

Inside, a neat chrome mainstay not usually looks cool; this thermostatic immaculate steel building additionally helps to save H2O as well as energy.

Transtube 360-degree shower Creative Technology from Roca
Add to a brew space potency – a turn figure of a showering enclosing creates it easy to place as well as preferred for tiny bathrooms – as well as we a style-, space- as well as eco-conscious won’t be means to resist! Learn some-more by on vacation Roca

In addition to the unique shape, is designed around the glass without a handle and others and to open the door using the sensors that will open automatically when there are people nearby.

Treat your bathroom with this new technology!

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