Friday, January 8, 2010

Construction Jobs Use War Vehicles in Russia

Do you know that . today many companies in Russia earn their living by buying cheap old Russian army vehicles and converting them to civil engineering and construction hardware that then is being used at the various construction sites in Moscow and all Russia area.

Russian vehicles tankThose vehicles, it comes like, passing across! a place where the new residential complex is being built a big military camouflaged tank can appear from across a corner equipped with a hoe instead of the gun - Construction Jobs Use War Vehicles in Russia

And it might be handy in exporting to third world countries where the construction areas are sometimes being combined with a battle front. Such construction machinery won’t be an easy target and would be able to continue digging under the light to moderate range fire.
Russian vehicles army tank
BTW today as a result of the rapid changes following the breakup of the Soviet bloc, there were suddenly new markets of hundreds of millions of people, covering a large portion of the earth, containing large fractions of many of the world's natural resources, possessing extensive research and production capacity, with a highly educated workforce, and utilizing many advanced technologies. We know that Russia State contained a large fraction of these factors, especially those oriented toward high technology, and hence it behooves international companies to formulate and implement strategies for doing business in Russia.

Russian vehicles


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