Friday, January 8, 2010

OPERA Launched Browser for TV

opera for tvNow,Opera software company luanched and helped to enliven the event of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 in Las Vegas. They also introduced the latest Opera browser can be used on television.

Opera Devices introduced the latest version. Opera Devices introduced the Opera Devices SDK 10:15, 10:15 Opera Devices SDK for Linux and Opera Devices 10 for WinCE.

Opera Devices is a software technology that enables Opera Internet access capabilities of Opera browser style, as well as the Opera browser itself, embedded in various devices. This includes television, set-top-boxes, digital media player device to the dashboard.

Opera Devices 10 for WinCE (Beta) is an Opera browser that can be directly used in electronic devices based on WinCE. This browser will display similar to Opera Mobile and Opera Mini updates.

Meanwhile 10:15 Opera Devices SDK is software development kit that consists of components which the software can be used by electronics manufacturers. "Users can use it to build a full web browser, widgets, or just a platform for applications on various devices connected to the network," said Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer, Opera Software.

10:15 Opera Devices SDK has a few features. Among these are Opera Turbo, support for Flash Lite 3.1, the ability to HTML5/CSS3 Widgets. And 10:15 Opera Devices SDK for Linux has additional features such as device-based acceleration, OOIF (Opera's Open IPTV Framework) and Opera Widgets for TV.

Ok, download and learn more here :


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