Saturday, January 9, 2010

Free Online Photo Manipulation Sites Really Cool

online photo manipulationDo you want pictures of yourself on a magazine cover or cover of the cd Paris hilton, or clothes that were worn by famous celebrities, you are in a car owned by Mr.Bean's car or billboards, glass, and other effects?

We have a lot of free photo manipulation sites that can be used. Do not need special skills as a graphic designer , you just need to prepare photographs and visit the photo manipulation site, upload your photos, click OK and you're done ..
This site is very interesting, and has so many effects are all interesting pictures, and these sites continue to add other effects of interest to users.

Very easy to use, no special skills required, follow the steps below:

1-Prepare your self image, the file size is try not too big, as this will make slow the loading process.

2-Visit Photo Funia :
3-Direct site open pages that display the effects of choices that can be used.

4-Choose one effect in the main page with a click on an image effect.

5-will open the page to select the image, click Choose File / browse and select images to upload.
free7 photo6-Wait loading process, finished ... .. your photos are manipulated, it's easy

7 - If you want to save the image, click (Save to disk) ... when you're done, you can send it to me

Below another image manipulation websites that are also interest:

Yearbook Yourself
This site will manipulate your photos into the school yearbook containing the photos you all with a variety of styles ranging from the 1950s until 2000s .

online photo editingMagMyPic
This photo manipulation sites make you a coverboy and the world famous covergirl, there are 25 templates choices today's world magazine like National Geographic, Time, Fortune, People, Playboy, Rolling Stone, PC Gamer, Style, Cosmopolitan, Bride, HipHop, GQ , Vogue etc.. After the photo finish is also provided to manipulate the HTML code to be placed on various social networking sites or blogs ... woww..narcissist really
This site is also manipulate your photos into comics.

Face in Hole
This site manipulating other people's bodies with your face. Provided many templates in various categories such as the body of famous figures which on the face give the hole. to enter our faces will change. Here take the right position of the face according to the position of the template provided or if the facility is difficult to use a webcam to instantly capture the exact position of the face as a template that we choose. You can also add speech Ballon as the comics on the manipulation of images.

Be Funky
as the name suggests, this site manipulate your images to be more funky. We have two services available to change the face became the face of a sketch and a avatar. After the results we obtained can also add other effects such as t-shirts, cups, key chains, etc..Really Cool

This site is not to manipulate your images become more beautiful, but instead make your face become damaged photos or funny and ugly.

Okay, may be useful

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