Sunday, January 10, 2010

Voxox make easy to manage your Voip,email,Facebook,IM,Youtube,etc accounts

voxox com downloadCurrently most of the internet users have various accounts such as your e-mail, VoIP accounts, Instant Messenger account, your Social Networking and more.

By using VoxOx application, you can access all these accounts only from a window

With VoxOX we can access almost all the lines of communication on the internet such as:

  • Phone Call - Telephone callss via VoIP network
  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging - GTalk, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber or AIM
  • Text Messaging - SMS
  • Social Networking - Accounts Youtube, Facebook, etc
  • Email - Account GMail, Yahoo! Mail, MSN etc.
  • File sharing
Although still in beta version, but the VoxOx application can be used well, we just need to download the application and install it, without need to do any settings

How to Use Voxox:
  1. Download VoxOx Application here: [Click Download] then install the application on your computer. VoxOx application supports Windows, Mac and Linux.free7 voxox com
  2. Once installed, run the application and will open a desktop application Voxox black, then we need to register first by clicking [Signup for a username]
  3. The contents of the usual personal data, including email address for confirmation, and then click [Accept]
  4. Go to your email address to confirm the activation , click on the link that was sent by and login with the username that was created earlier.
  5. Setup Wizard will be found. insert all the data service account you use. such as IM, e-mail, Facebook, etc on the wizard window, and click [Next] to follow the next process. will appear the windows to test VoIP services from VoxOx. VoxOx provide free telephone service for two hours for the new user, click [Finish] (VoxOx gives you a phone number and allows you to make outgoing calls to any other phone and receive calls from your computer ,You'll get a free phone number and 120 free minutes after you sign up)
  6. Will open the main window, here we can select the desired activation. For example to access a contact, click [Contacs].
  7. In "Contacs", we can access the contact list accounts that we have (either from the IM, Email and others). click each contact to find out the status. From here, we can call the contact name from the menu that appears.Click on the phone icon if you want to call a phone number, and click the talk balloon icon to chatting.
  8. Click the [Keypad], and from here we will get the facility to contact anyone you want by phone, complete the number keys to enter telephone numbers. To try out, please contact your cellular phone numbers, would be successful and free.
Voxox is a combination of popular multi-protocol chat and social networking application Digsby and voice chat service Skype / at least thats the idea. VoxOx! claims to combine all of today's main forms of communication into one snazzy interface, To its credit, Vox0x does offer a lot of worthwhile functionality. Like Digsby, it works with most popular IM networks, integrates with Facebook (though not MySpace or LinkedIn, which Digsby supports), and offers email integration. Like Skype, Voxox not VoxVox


  1. I found it doesnt support linux

  2. They're right, it doesn't.


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