Tuesday, January 5, 2010

John Frusciante has left RHCP - Hot guitar lessons

For the second time John Frusciante has left the Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP),and RHCP has found a new guitarist.

And now a guitarist and producer Josh Klinghoffer who now takes over the position. Josh is not a new name for the RHCP. He often became a session player and have helped John's albums. Similarly Undercover.com launched on Monday (4-January-2010).

Actually John has resigned from the RHCP since a year ago. But the band that popularized coincidence song 'By The Way' that was was no activity. Therefore officially, John had announced in December 2009 resigned as the last.

Josh was now immediately adjust to RHCP. They are working on a new album since last October and immediately release it in 2010. Josh's first appearance with RHCP can be witnessed in the MusiCares event in 2010 on next January 29th.

Brief history about the RHCP guitarist. John had never left the band in 1992 but 10 years later he was back again. In the 26 years of age, RHCP has changed 7 times a guitarist.

By the way, In my opinion, that people recording an album for a band as famous as the Red HotsJohn Frusciante Hot Guitar takes a Lot of time, promoting takes a Lot of time, touring takes a Lot of time. And they’re all crazy rich.

And if he (John Frusciante ) needs the time to work on his own material, that is his own choice. It’s got nothing to do with what other people might think of his ego, the quality of his material, or anything else that.

And I should hope that after each of you discovers you’ve reached the point of being successful, you choose to enjoy your lives in the way that you choose, coz that would be an appropriate award for you’re life well spent...no doubt

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