Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My recommended for the best free software downloads

Click on these recommended links to downloads!

1. The Best Free Antivirus

My choice of the best free antivirus for Windows is the Avira AntiVir Personal. As for linux is F-Prot Antivirus for Linux Workstations

2. Best Free Office (Word Processor, Spread sheet, Presentation)

For the best Office , I choose OpenOffice.Org. Its function is similar to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint, but that is free and Open Source. Please download OpenOffice.Org on Windows or Linux.

3. Free Vector Images Editor

This tool is similar to CorelDraw, we can create and edit vector images composed of lines and fields. Vector Editor software is the best and free (open source) is I choose Inkscape. Please download for Windows or Linux.

4. The best Free Media Player

For playing videos, music, songs, audio files like MP3, WAV, and so on. For the best Media Player software in Windows is WinAmp . For linux, the best media player is KmPlayer

5. Best Free Audio Editor

With audio editor software, you can edit audio files, such as adding echo, combining vocals with the music, create jingles or radio ad spots, and so on. Free software of the best audio editor in Windows and Linux is Audacity which can be run on Windows or Linux.

6. Free Video Editor

Software Video Editor enables you to edit videos, such as cut-cut, filters, encoding, and others. The best free software video editor is Avidemux can run on Windows or Linux.

7. The best FTP

This program is used to transfer files to a server via the Internet. This program is often used by webmasters to transfer home files to a web server. FTP open source program is FileZilla (download for Windows or Linux).

8. Free Best Compression Program

This program serves to reduce the file size without losing data (such as WinZip or WinRAR). In windows is 7-Zip, in Linux, the best compression program with the p7zip (LGPL)

9. Download Accelerator Tool

For who like to download files from the Internet, this program is necessary, because it can speed up download up to 3 times. In windows, download program best accelarator with the GPL license is the Free Download Manager. In linux, download accelerator program best with the GPL license is QuickDownloader. I also recommend FireFox Add-Ons DownThemAll, because if you use FireFox and Add-Ons, we do not need to install additional softwares.

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