Friday, February 12, 2010

Megan Fox Super Bowl 2010! Commercial, Motorola Sexy Ad

Motorola was known as a big market among mobile phone,this time making a big controversy. Shocking news that Motorola invited sexy actress Megan Fox as The advertising model.Megan Fox appeared naked in her new smartphone ad Motorola Devour. Megan Fox Super Bowl 2010 Commercial was seen by around 90 million viewers in its popular Super Bowl slot and would have cost Motorola $2 to $3 million. And !t appears that Motorola h!ired a hand model as Megan Fox suffers a genetic condition called brachydactyly which causes her thumbs to have a clubbed appearance.

I think it was a beutiful Motorola phone, maybe I'm going out tomorrow to buy one, and I am not being paid for this review, this ad used the popularity of Megan Fox’s sexuality to bring a point home on what would happen if she were to send out a hot picture of herself taking a simple bubble bath.

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