Sunday, February 28, 2010

Microsoft Windows8 Development Project has been started

windows8 logo by free7After a fairly successful with the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft is now re-start a new project is the construction process of generation to Windows 8. In a Russian website, Wzor, said that the Redmond Company apparently is now busily engaged in the development of the Windows 8 and is now doing assembly reinstall the Windows. Wzor itself is a source of information who record accurately information from the development process is now being conducted by Microsoft Company.

However, the information about Windows 8, Windows 7’s successor has been either based on remarks slipped out by Microsoft officials or rumours.The site claims that Microsoft has started the engineering of Windwos 8. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has reportedly suggested in the past that Windows 8 is currently under development, although the tech industry’s gravitation toward the cloud and the rise of browser-based operating systems such as Google Chrome could potentially have a sizable influence on how the next Windows version operates.

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