Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SLP KaraoBird, Let's sing and karaoke on youtube - Firefox add-on

SLP KaraoBird For Youtube firefox addons
Want to karaoke on Youtube with lyrics of the song? Just use this firefox extension SLP KaraoBird. Widely available on YouTube video music clips from various singers. In fact, the Google owned video sharing site that has made a special page on YouTube Music .

But, not all of the clips showing the lyrics of the song is displayed. Yet sometimes when watching the music clips, there is a desire to sing along..

Now, the desire for a karaoke that can easily be realized through a Firefox extension. The Youtube karaoke extension in Firefox was named Scrolling Lyrics Player (SLP). But may also be referred to as KaraoBird accordance with the engine that used on the back.

The following are installation steps of the SLP KaraoBird:

1. Visit rge SLP Add-On page here :KaraoBird For Youtube
2. Click, "Add To Firefox"
3. In the window that appears click "Install"
4. Firefox will ask to Restart to enable the SLP

How to use the SLP:

1. Visit YouTube.com/Music
2. Find a music video that wants to sing
3. Automatically on the video page will appear a box containing the lyrics
4. Adjust the offset (plus or minus) at the beginning of the song by scrolling the mouse over the box lyrics
5. Sing as we pleased.


- The Song Lyrics taken from YouTubeLiric.com
- Synchronize songs with lyrics not going as smoothly as a professional karaoke videos

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