Friday, September 10, 2010

How to create subscript or superscript effects on / blogspot posts

I just got an email from a friend, who asked about superscript texts, then I would like to share to the free7 blogger readers, here. As we know that, for WordPress users or another blog platforms, this is not a problem but other things if we using / blogspot

Create a subscript or superscript effects for blogspot users, the way simple enough by adding <sub> or <sup> code code ,

When you write an article select HTML mode, and then insert the hmtl code like the following into the word / phrase that is intended:

superscript code: <sub> subscript </sub>
superscript code: <sup> superscript </sup>

Examples :

text<sub> subscript example </sub>
text<sup> superscript example </sup>

The results will be :

text subscript example
text superscript example

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