Thursday, November 11, 2010

RFuzzy Software, a tool to find out someone's feelings

RFuzzy Software
An Indonesian proverb say "Others in the mouth, another in the heart", that's what is sometimes difficult to guess someone's feelings, what is being spoken, it may be different from the feeling.

 A software, named RFuzzy developed by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain to tell the feeling (emotion) a person when he speaks. By analyzing the sound, The RFuzzy Software can tell if someone is sad, excited or worried. RFuzzy analyzes sound measurements in speech, as that speech is output by another purpose-built application. Using fuzzy logic, it is able to determine whether the speaker is happy, sad or nervous. In cases where the emotion is not obvious, the system will still specify how close the speaker is to a certain emotion, as expressed through a percentage.

Although RFuzzy cannot ensure 100% to find out someone's feelings, RFuzzy can display the results based on percentage, eg 90% sad etc.
RFuzzy - A software application recognizes human emotions from conversation analysis
Developed at the UPM's Facultad de Informática, it has also been used to program robots participating in the RoboCupSoccer league
So, If you're interested, Learn more the details of this RFuzzy Software research in the INS- Information Science journal and can be consulted online, here :

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