Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thanks a lot to Shiree Odiz diamond engagement rings and SEO Idol

As we know, currently being launched the 2011-2012 International SEO IDOL Contest , held by www.shireeodiz.com, with "makeityourring diamond engagement rings
" as the keyword target .
This contest will last for a year, but as a heating up of the contest, a month ago held a short-contest or sub-SEO contest in the same phrase (makeityourring diamond engagement rings). and and I was quite lucky because my article on www.free-7.net (makeityourring diamond engagement rings) listed as one of the winners (5th place on google.com - 7th March 2011) , with a prize worth $200, and I have received my payment a few moments ago, via my paypal account...

In my opinion, SEO Idol is a perfect SEO Test that I ever meet, usually a seo-contest just focus on the keyword optimization, but SEO Idol develops marketing methods also.

Once again, many thanks to Shiree Odiz unique diamond engagement rings

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