Sunday, April 17, 2011

Free 7 Network Support For Komodo Island in The New 7 Wonders Competition

With all in a deep spirit, free 7 network, free 7 blogger, blog free 7, themes 7, life-7 , thef 7,, and all of my domains with the 7 number, support for the Indonesian Candidate in the new 7 wonders competition - 2011, that's called Komodo Island is the New 7 Wonders of The World of Nature

Through this a simple nice blog, I'm....from the bottom of my heart, from the deep of deepest of my feel, give million votes to Komodo Island and its Dragons to become a part in the New 7 Wonders of The World .

"The Komodo Island is one of the 17.508 islands that make up the Indonesia. Komodo Island has a surface area of 390 km² and over 1999 inhabitants. Komodo is part of the Lesser Sunda chain of islands and forms part of the Komodo National Park. Particularly notable here is the native Komodo dragon. In addition, the island is a popular destination for diving. Administratively, that is part of the East Nusa Tenggara province"
More details of the komodo island,

Wanna see another style of the "komodo Island"? : Komodo Hot Music Video Clip

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