Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interesting Stories In Balboa Island Newport Beach

Two years ago, when I visited newport beach I have some unique stories and experiences, especially when I was in the newport balboa island and laguna coastal area. Those beautiful coastal areas contains so many interesting stories indeed.

As all of you know, that the name of the balboa came from the beach area of balboa peninsula that located at Newport Beach, orange country CA. Everyone from the LA city area who had seen it started referring to that as The Balboa, or the dance being done in Balboa. So just what's the popular Balboa Peninsula? Why did so many people travel here and become exposed to this dance? Take the tour below for an over-view of the dance's original birthplace and some of it's highlights.

However that is to get a consensus view concerning the origins of Balboa. A lot of dance historians state that the dance was a derivation of Foxtrot, and others believe it evolved from the Charleston or Collegiate Shag. Willie Desatof an original Balboa dancer of great distinction believes it evolved from the.Rhumba!.

Well..well...a complete story you can read directly at wikipedia, here : Balboa Island, Newport Beach


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