Sunday, March 18, 2012

9 year old children swinging across the ravine and valley to get to school every day

roaring Rio Negro photo
I almost can't believe that in today's world, there are still ways to live like this. Daisy Mora, the 9 year old children swinging across the ravine and valley to get to school every day. It's about 1300 feet above the roaring Rio Negro in Colombia, Daisy Mora Attaching herself to an old and rusted pulley system, Daisy drops over the edge before plummeting at 40mph along a zip wire to the opposite bank half a mile away - a vertigo-inducing journey she has to take every day to get to her school.

The area of the roaring Rio Negro located 40 miles southeast of the capital Bogota, They were traditionally made of hemp, but steels cables were installed with the advent of logging in the surrounding rainforest. When this was made illegal settlers turned their hand to farming and cattle raising.
roaring Rio Negro in columbia picture
The roaring Rio Negro, There are not even any paths. Instead, for the 12 families who live in the place,the 12 steel cables that connect one side of the valley to the other are their only access to the outside world. Remarkably, those villagers not only transport themselves, ..but ferry their goods to and from the nearest village, Guajabetal, which lies about 10 kilometres away, they take cassava, corn and cattle to the market and return with building materials for their traditional houses.

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