Friday, October 31, 2008

Tips for your Computer Maintenance

It's a Fresh Computer Tips , and hoped could be useful for you ,about the maintenance for your PC.
PC maintenance is an important topic for anyone who owns a Personal Computer (PC). Looking after your PC properly can ensure it gives you trouble-free use. Regular PC maintenance also keeps the machine's performance optimal. There are five tasks that are part of the suggested maintenance for your PC.
1. Windows Updates
2. Spyware & Virus definition Updates and Scan
3. File & Folder Cleaning
4. Hard Drive Defragmentation
The first task that should be done when performing maintenance on your PC is to ensure
that it has all the latest Windows security updates. Below is a procedure on how to
manually run the Windows Update wizard.

Install Windows Updates
• Connect to the Internet
• Click on either the Windows Update or Microsoft Update icon
• Click either the Custom or Express button:
o Custom – All updates (High Priority, Software Optional, Hardware
Optional Updates)
o Express – High Priority Updates Only
• The Update wizard will scan your PC and notify you what updates are
• To install individual updates, click to select the check boxes next to the updates
that you want. You can run multiple updates. If any of the selected updates is an
exclusive item that must be installed separately from other updates, you receive a
message that indicates which update needs to be installed separately.
• Reboot the PC as directed.
• You may need to repeat this process a few times until ALL updates have been
downloaded and installed.

Perform AntiSpyware & AntiVirus Scans
The second task that needs to be completed is to make sure that your AntiVirus &
AntiSpyware programs are fully up to date as well. You will need to follow the
instructions that came with your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware programs.
If you do not have either of these types of programs running on your PC, we highly
recommend that you install some today. Here are the products we recommend:
AntiSpyware: Webroot SpySweeper
AntiVirus (Standalone): Bitdefender Standard
AntiSpyware & AntiVirus (Combination): Webroot SpySweeper with AntiVirus

After you have updated your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware programs, you will need to
perform a full system scan from each program. If your computer is scheduled to run these
scans at least once a month you can disregard the running this scan at this time. It is
recommended that you run the above system scans once a week.
Remove Temporary & Junk Files

The third task is to clean your PC of all the temporary and junk files that are lurking on it
and slowing it down. You can do this one file at a time or you can use a program that will
do it for you. I recommend the use of the following program: CCleaner. This is a free
program and can be downloaded here:
Once you install this program, use the default settings for your cleaning. The CCleaner
program removes all the unwanted files that buildup on your PC over time and will help
you gain back some of your computers speed.
NOTE: It is recommended that you only use the cleaner portion of this program. If you
are a more experienced computer user, then the use of the other built-in tools may be
helpful to you.
The fourth task is to perform a scan of your hard drive to ensure that it is functioning

Hard Drive Defrag
Windows XP offers a program that will defrag your hard drive:
• Right-click the drive's icon in Windows Explorer and select:
• Properties
• Tools
• Defragmentation

NOTE: You may have more than one hard drive or partition showing – select the C:\drive. Press the Defragment button on the bottom of your screen. This process may be
time consuming. Once completed – turn your screensaver back on and reboot your PC. This should be done once a month at a minimum.

As stated before, periodic maintenance should be done on your PC in order to keep your
computer running optimally. All five steps should be done at least once a month.
Step 2 (AntiVirus & AntiSpyware Scanning) is recommended to be done once a week.

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