Thursday, December 11, 2008

How does my blogspot feat in Busby SEO Test Challenge

alt=My phraseology on the top just wanted to let you know that i still really loving you blogger, ups, crazy i was saying to blog.
Yes although this is a free blog ,however from here's ,nice income for me and contains useful infromations for my readers.

I had some experiences using free of charge websites or not free , these free or not-free in the fact that cannot measure the likelihood that sites will be success and powerful .So,of all is depend from knowledges or experiences of each person in managing the site. And about myself ,such as i've ever told, that i also still have low experiences about the internet activities especially about the internet competitions likes the Busby SEO Test which i'm considering running today.

From the beautiful words has been said that "knowledge is power" , but from the adventurer words "the real power is in action" i thought these phrases was still really true today.

That's means , if we are less in the knowledge of something, so we must come up more with actions ,and also on the contrary if we are wish less actions must be have more knowledge.
So, i am trying to realizing here now, experimenting and learning throught my less experience.

And now after i have seen the rough estimates of how to arrange the main keyword for this busby competition be rank well at google ,and i just trying and experimenting day by day till the end.


  1. @ Dian
    hehe...iya ...dian...
    abis kulihat temen2 yg masih pemula juga pada heppy memeriahkan....yah tak terlalu berharap menang paling tdk memeriahkan, n usaha utk membawa nama baik indonesia aja...sekalian buat kenang2an selama ngeblog-lah gitu...
    kamu juga ikut aja tak apa toh..biar rame

  2. Saya Bantu Doa Bro...sekuat-kuatnya orang adalah yang kuat di dalam Doa....maju terus dan tetap semangat.


  3. setuju, kawan ..doa adalah yg terkuat dan terbaik dari semua perbuatan...
    terima kasih banyak ...sukses juga untuk anda


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