Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Code to appearing google list 100 of Busby SEO Test

Following just tips which myself using whenever wanna peeping results of Busby SEO Test at google search engine, And these tips also could be the short tutorial to others .
Usualy if we typing something phrase on google search box we will get 10 list of sites by default ,but with given less code we will get 100 of listing site links ,that way we will be more enjoyed to look for the address each site links without must many move to move from first page go to 10 , so to be more clearly look at following:

Example ,now please open the google ( , and ..:
type at google search box : "busby seo test"
- so, on address bar of browser will be created the url like appear below: seo+test &btnG=Telusuri+dengan+Google&meta=

Then into url address that make modification with given the code "num=100&" after "search?"

So ,all code will appear like below: seo+test &btnG=Telusuri+dengan+Google&meta=

Then enter (go) , so now will appear 100 of listing on your google.
If you look at "hl=id" , that's means the language of indonesia , it's means with the google that related with all contents in indonesian language , default of google language in english or with the code "hl=en" with using "hl=en" means every searching your google will crawling all contents which related in english . yes, in fact the search results using different id of language will be appearing different result too , for example : please typing seo with hl=id and with hl=en will showing different result who was on number 1 and number 2 position with seo keyphrase .
Continue, for others code of id from each languages ,example the Japan language is "ja" or "hl=ja" . so ,please you experimenting with others languages with trying 2 character , coz myself don't many knock by heart about these variations.

And of course we could create the own google search engine ,so that our job more easy to get list 100 and the related language that.
Ok, get the easily way for do it all with make your own google search engine , place these code on your home page or anything web pages you want.

<form action=""name=f>
<input name=num value=100>num<input name=hl value=en>hl<br>
<input maxLength=256 size=50 name=q value=""><br>
<input type=submit value="Google Search" name=btnG>

The output these code like appear below :
likes appear , inside the num box , the value 're 100 , it's max,,you may lessening for get result less than 100 of list.
Inside hl , value is en or english ( the default language)


Please to trying

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