Thursday, December 18, 2008

Effectiveness keyword searcher with good keyword - nice tool for seo test

busby seo test cat picturesFor the friends who still like experimenting to seo test, look for and also developing your website or blog , possibly this small appliance will be useful.

This Good-Keywords do grab to major of 4 search engines that is: Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Altavista , to our relating keyword .Good Keywords have the facility and also have the ability quite a lot and draw be like:

Keyword sugestions
To know the rank of a keyword at a search engines( google, yahoo. msn, altavista) , amount/value of searchers in its in monthly

Misspelled words
this function be like is be like taking benefit from wrong keyword typing by searcher.
that is for example your main keyword is " busby seo test" , then there you'd know the variation of keyword any kind of do their possibility one would find your page, following the report concerning wrong keyword type which have in searching people from 4 search engines above mentioned.

Site & link popularity
by name its, Web page explorer to exploring a website page , sometime i use this function at this menu to check my web page if possibly was having the broken code, because such as we know , a search engine will thinking negative to a web with having broken code , and complete to be more , to know about broken link , can visit

Other facility are keyword phrase builder , Keyword organizer, and tool and also tips other which can obtained from

Ok, who interest please download Good-Keywords at link below /copy-pasting to address bar of your browser:
size :552 KB , in rar.file

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