Saturday, December 13, 2008


Why i'm sure do testing and experimenting every key-phrase..? coz today the search engine like google very very smart likes the human brain live . as beginner of course i'm having so many failure on this action, so i must doing tes test test and test

Yes, it's still problem of how i formating the key phrases and testing every keyword in my Busby game today. Such as i've told yesterday althought being number 1 is not become the important target, but i'm excited be here and launching post by post every times if have the time , some time i'm truely so busy in my job outside the online world.

Again return to my testing phrases , i already trying with some google matematical query or GHDB likes following :busby seo girl

in search engine box, i've type the query :
"allintitle:busby seo test" ,
then: busby+seo+test ,
then :
"busby seo test"
and :
busby seo test

And the question , why has appearing the same results , huhh..ought to different ,but if i typing "allinurl:busby seo test" was getting less difference rather , disappointed...not liikes the tutorial i've reading .

Yeah..keep learning,studying,fighting from the day borned till death-hopefully enter to the heaven

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