Thursday, December 18, 2008

seo test - prevent the hacker attack

seo testThis is my seo test and still in around inside the busby seo test to get educated the key-phrase and also i hope will be useful knowledge for all , about internet security tips.
Oke, following are actions to preventing the hacker attack :

1. Black out The Remote Access -> to prevent your PC taken over by Hacker,disableing The Remote Access. from menu, right click at " My Computer" & choose " Properties". then eill appear " System Properties", then select " Remote", renove the sign ( V ) from all options to deactivate it. Then click "OK". - next to number two busby seo test and internet security tips.

2. Remove all User Account which has not used . In" Windows XP Professional" there are some user account who can be accessed passing trojan & exploited to do the attack. To remove it choose the Start menu, select " Control Panel", select" Performance and Maintenance". Then select" Administrative Tools", Double-click " Computer Management". Select " Local Users and Groups", at right sideDouble-click at part of " Users" then remove all old accounts didn't. used again .".- next to number three busby seo test and tips

3.. Close the hole of NetBIOS -> your document Files can be accessed passing Internet the do deactivate Netbios. At The Start menu ,right-click "My Network Place" & select" Properties" ,will appear "Network Connections" then right-click at internet connections was available, select " Properties".select " Networking". Check ( V ) at front of " Internet Protocol ( TCP/IP), then click " Properties" under it. then appear " Internet Protocol ( TCP/IP) Properties", select " Advanced" tab. continue " Advaced TCP/IP Settings", select " Wins", then choose " Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP. and Click 'OK".- continue to number four seo test and tips

4.Overcoming to BO2K (trojan) . The anti virus programs was circulating in this time can detecting existence of this program (BO2K ). Ascertain that you have done download newest version of anti virus program. and more care to open the Windows registry. Usually BO2K inculcate x'self at:
or at

5.Don't you do chatting in MIRC before these some tips have practiced, otherwise so your pc can will get attack by hacker, because your IP can seen pass MIRC.

Ok, although actually still many matters to preventing the hacker attack , kind regards.

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  1. kalo posting kok selalu gambar cewek sih mas. kapan gambarku yang ditampilin ya?hue..he...


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