Monday, February 16, 2009

How using copy-paste among the windows and DOS

In using windows sometime we need copy-paste operations in DOS command, among the windows and DOS, also refereed to as character mode, programs that doesn't provide a way to export data, you maybe looking for a way to capture what's displayed on such programs.

Oke,try this tips:

1- Start a DOS Command Prompt inside your windows.
2- Run the character mode program that you want to import data from, and go to the screen with the data you want to capture.
3- Right click the title bar of the DOS box

4- Select "Edit" --> "Mark"

5- Click and drag the mouse until you select the data area that you want to copy. Press ENTER when you've finished selecting.

6- Switch to the Windows program that you want to import the just copied data to, and select its paste function.


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