Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Facebook tips -see your friends location in Google Maps

Have you ever thought about tracing all the locations of your facebook friends, find the certain location, for example you wanted to see your facebook friends in a citty or country. Or only want to see the locations of the other friends who has been joined as your friends,
Then please knew that with one of the facebook applications from Map Motive.

map motive to your facebook mapsThe Map Motive that was I knew was worked by means of seeing the location of the profile of all your facebook friends profiles , afterwards this application tried to showing the location using the map system on Google Maps.
the facebook mapping in google mapsCheck-out at: http://mapmotive.com/


  1. wah semakin mantap aja neh tutorialnya... apalagi yg berbau FB pastinya semakin menarik...

  2. Iko tahu dimana posisi mas Iwan sekarang :D

  3. Wah mantab niy Bang Iwan...Temanku jadinya gak bisa boong klo pake ini...

    Mohon Dukungannya untuk AaGen BLog pada kontes BUBU AWARDS V.06...Suaramu sangat berarti buatku...Xixi

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  5. Hey, this is really nice.
    Thanks for sharing.


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