Saturday, September 5, 2009

Facebook Hacking - Tips to protect from stupid crackers

hacking facebook security tipsAre there the hackers or crackers can hack or or I'm not a hacker but in my opinion that,almost impossible to hack the facebook provider, or till today facebook dot com can not be hacked yet ,by lamers from anywhere.
We've been hacked are caused only from negligence and careless behavior by using email account (related: way to protect email from spam).

Anyway, to overcome the Facebook hacking problems, the Facebook team gave section especially the handling the facebook account that was hacked (here: facebook security account). there the users could send the message to Face book admin about the problem ,including scam,hacking,phising,facebook hacking prevention tips and other.

Facebook hacking software like facebook-freezer, in the fact that have been circulating in the internet now ,and very easy to get or use this tool ,Although facebook-freezer just a stupid cracker's tool, but annoying enough.

Fake login ,It's most likely a cracker doing what is known as phishing. You most likely were told, at one point or another to re-enter your password for some reason, right? If so this was a page the cracker made to look like the previous page, but that was actually a page that sent him/her the information that you typed in. Never type in a password after already having logged in and get a phishing filter from somewhere like Norton, becauase they can, and most likely will, try to do it again.

In another fact ,about the internet and identity,The internet is a shapeless world where identities are not only dynamic but can’t ever be verified with certainty. As a result, its easily possible to be one person one moment, then another person the next moment. This is particularly true when using internet based social networking sites like Facebook (and the rest).

Humans have a natural tendency to trust each other. If one human being can provide another human with "something sufficient' then trust is earned. That "something sufficient" can be a face to face meeting but it doesn’t always need to be. So,the people that have been targeted by hackers could easily exploited during their (hackers)social attacks trusted ,coz they (people) thought hakers worked for the same company as them (people).

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