Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tila Tequila - achieving success and popularity through blogging

tila tequila sexy blogger photoThe story of Tila Tequlia is really unique and interesting person . If you have a dream to be a super model or a celebrity but the competition is very heavy? Why not try to find the popularity on the internet? Just join to the social networking sites like facebook, Myspace, etc., and collect as many friends. like Tila Tequila, she's a real-life examples of successful in reaching the popularity through blogging on Myspace.

The following are some facts related to the popularity of the hot blogger ,Tila Tequila: her profile page has been visited 79,075,741 times. Her friends reached 2,104,972 people. Her Songs have been played to over 80 million times. And 25-year-old girl that was received from 3000 to 5000 friend requests every day.

With statistics like that something reasonable if Tila Tequila finally able to appear on the front page of many magazines. She's really something new. Celebrities in attendance for its ability to build a fan base, not the star that produced by the entertainment industry. Tila became famous from every click on the domain Myspace Website.

tila tequila hot bloggerTila Nguyen is the real name of Tila Tequila, a celebrity who attended from the internet virtual world. gave the title as Madonna of Myspace to that sexy girl. Tila is a combination of singers, models, and also a blogger ,like free 7 blogger tila tequila and free 7 blogger

Social networking sites is the first time he was sambangi But because the number of friends who are too much and made him a controversial personality expelled from friendster. Tila Tequila said that she had kicked up to five times from myspace.

The vietnamese descent girl was finally joined the Myspace after receiving an invitation from Tom Anderson, Founder of Myspace, at that time still a few people people who joined on Myspace. Her List of friends began to grow after she sent 30,000 to 50,000 e-mail as an invitation to join on Myspace ,and two years later, she had changed her myspace page into a business. "It's my job" she told to "This is how you should maintain your popularity and keep it alive always"

Tila Tequila really understand to the logic of how to work with web 2.0. The girl who has appeared as an Asian girl in cyber ,Tila began selling posters and calendars. Shee also has a clothing line. Tila release her single song through online business also.

The girl who has the heart tattoo pictures on her arms that,now has, a social networking site, that made with the aim to help teens become famous. Not only that, she also has online casinos at and for those who like to gamble.

"A lot of sexy women naked in the internet" she said. "There is one difference between them and me. They didn't respond to your conversations "

So, we could take a lesson from the Tila story above, in my opinion is, "Tila Tequila" is not just add as many friends into her friend list. She's obviously a creative who has a lot of creations. She is a model, songwriter, singing and a blog writer. She's a very honest in showing who herself. Tila Nguyen is a very smart woman, a girl that who could understand how a technology works and use it to achieving her goals for success. She's very understanding how to cultivate a relationship with her fans.

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  1. Damn, she is so lovely and she play poker ? hmm... whish good luck at the tables.


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