Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Android Software and Google's Donut

g1 android softwareAs we know, Android was first published by a live on G1 PDA,Issued by T-mobile. And most reviewers agree that the Android software is actually very good, but the hardware capabilities that are available on the G1 is not sufficient.

G1 is the first PDA to run Google's Android software, officially released by T-Mobile. If the user can get better hardware again, probably G1 software will become more user desires rather than using the iPhone.

Very difficult to make comparisons among the G1 and the iPhone, few benchmarks regarding the use of touch-screen technology was compared. According to their existing hardware in the G1. less than the maximum, which the iPhone has better hardware. This was proven when we try to open the video with the same quality on both the PDA. showed a difference of quality, in the G1 screen is not so good, and in the iPhone screen is more sharply.

But in the G1 interface and the functions of software, the G1 has a feature that can compete with the Iphone even better, especially on the GPS that it is more stable and promising, maybe we'll wait for a vendor who will release the G1's hardware with the better specifications.

Google's Donut Software

google android software
Google has renewed the Android operating system . The Software code-named "Donut".

One new feature is the Android Search. This feature allows Android phone users easily find contact information, pictures, songs and any existing applications in the mobile phone.

"Every time I click a search result, the system will always remember what I had done in the mobile phone. The more I tried the tool then, I am getting to know my habits," said an android's senior technician - Roamin Guy,

This phone, can indirectly identify the writing patterns of the user. and allow them to open a contact numbers with ease, write a mail directly from the screen and into the index page without having to press any button.

Unfortunately, Google has not yet sure whether the donut will truly dedicated to Android users. But , Goolgle promised that this feature is only a beginning of the platform and still to be developed.

Later, Sony Ericsson will be the first company given the honor to use the donut into each Android handset.

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