Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paranormal Activity ,the best-selling horror movie with cheap budget

Paranormal Activity MovieThe horror movie "Paranormal Activity",more frightening for cinema fans in United States and Canada. After four weeks was released, this movie has become a bestseller. Usually the best-selling movie in the first week of release.

Another horror movie that was launched last week, "Saw VI", not even able to go beyond "Paranormal Activity". "Saw VI" could only be in second place with the acquisition of only U.S. $ 14.8 million (USD 139 billion). Obtaining "Saw VI" is less than half the average earnings sequel "Saw" before.

The Paranormal Activity based on the quality of technical production is considered less qualified of the Hollywood standarts. The critics thought the players acting in the horror movie that actually produced two years ago was mediocre.

However, all people admit that this movie really scary. although did not show the actions that strange or miraculous.

The Paranormal Activity tells of two lovers who lived in a haunted house. the ghost activity at night. So, they decided to install cameras in the house. Some scenes in the movie taken from the camera recording,plus the sound of breath that made the atmosphere even more frightening.

sexy paranormalSo for days. Every night was recorded, every day and discussed what to do. Until, finally, the ghost also take action in the afternoon.

Fear is increasing. Because the scene was made in a house that looks mediocre (cheap budget), like most people home in the United States, not the houses look like on Hollywood movies.

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