Friday, December 4, 2009 - New Multiple Search Engine is a multiple search engine that's a combination of several Search Engine in one page of web site. So you do not need to open a new window to perform searches with the other Search Engines. Multiple Search Engine,By using a search engine you can find in some Search Engines at one time. Not only that, you can also choose the search results such as about: Music, movie,celebrities ,download,jobs...etc - New Multiple Search Engine

The multiple Search engine, allows you to search same keyword in multiple sites on single window you don't need to open all sites just using tabs you can search your keywords. we specify and receive a list of files that meet these criteria. Search engines usually use the index (prior to and periodically update was made) to find the file after the user enters a keyword.

As we know that most search engines by private companies using proprietary algorithms and closed databases running . we know the most popular is Google ,yahoo,MSN,bing, Left little in return. There have been several attempts to search engines with open-source to some modification, for example, htdig, Nutch, Egothor and openFT.

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  1. is new multiple search engine which is the combination of multiple search engines. You don't have to open a new window for other searches but you can do it on the same search engine page.

  2. I like to use nowgoogle, more efficient in doing a search on many search engines
    thanks for his review


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