Sunday, November 29, 2009

XP Quick Fix Plus Download - .Error Repair Tool

If you have some problems on your Windows XP System,for example can't run taskmanager, Registry Editor, Folder Options and others,due to something such as a virus attack, etc..
As we know that one of the best kept secrets of Windows XP is it's built in repair and user friendly features.

The XP Quick Fix Plus utility offers 46 common Windows XP problems fixes.40 quick fixes are to the Registry ,just mousing over the buttons to see a detailed description of the problem.

And 6 are to apply them through the command line utility...

The command line parameters:
Go to DOS prompt (cmd.exe),and change directory to the program folder where XP Quick Fix Plus installed and run QFC.EXE with the parameters:

QFC /f - quick enable the Folder Options
QFC /e - quick restore the Run Dialog
QFC /t - quick enable the Task Manager
QFC /p - quick restore My Computer Properties
QFC /x - Quick fix Windows can't run exe files
QFC /r - quick enable the Rgistry Editor

-parameters are case sensitive.

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