Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to remove - uninstall Difficult aplications in Windows

If you often try free applications, you must have experienced that the application is still listed in the list of Add or Remove Programs when you've removed from the system. Now, instead of struggling to install other applications to clean it, wash it out through the Registry Editor.

It's easy follow these steps:
1. Open the Registry Editor window, then find the location "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SOFTWARE-Microsoft-Windows-CurrentVersion-Uninstall". This directory stores all the names in the application window Add or Remove Programs are stored in a directory.
2. Find the name of the application you want to delete. Once found, click the directory, then select "Delete" from the menu bar "Edit".

You can also other ways.
1. Right-click the directory.
2. after a context menu appears, select "Delete".
3. Before closing the Registry Editor window, press the "F5" on your keyboard to update the contents of the registry.
4. Without having to restart Windows, open the window of Add or Remove Programs, then look for the name of the original application that's difficult to remove. Surely now gone.

Another way to do that is use the software on my previous post the following:

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