Sunday, January 24, 2010

glubble family edition Firefox Add-ons for Parental Control

glubble family editionGlubble Family Edition is an add-on from Mozilla Firefox is developed by Glaxtar Team,Glubble Family Edition is very useful to block adult sites,so that the children do not see these sites. Glubble Family Edition can be used free of charge, You only need to install the Mozilla Firefox browser first, then install Glubble add-ons Family Edition.

Glubble has similar function like KidZui Browser to prevent children access to adult sites .This Firefox extension which provides a fully functional parental control suite for your internet browser. It gives parents, teachers, and other guardians the ability to safely dictate and monitor what areas of the Web their children and students are able to view.

Glubble also allows children to freely search the Web using the popular Google engine, as only approved sites are returned within the result

Ok, Learn more about Glubble here : Glubble where families play

Download Glubble addons here : Glubble for Families

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  1. I'd recommend The Ultimate Kid's Internet ( they have free parental software which is totally safe for kids.

  2. I'd rather recommend the software of
    It's much better and easier than glubble ever was. you dont have to spend much time because all parents share one whitelist together. Just try it, I like it very much!


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