Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Looking for a boyfriend using alien maths (Drake Equation)

alien maths formulaThe Alien Maths or The Drake Equation was developed in 1961 ,Founder is Dr.Frank Drake! at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in West Virginia USA.

The Drake equation is N = R* x Fp x Ne x Fi x Fc x L, and has successfully helped found the prediction that there are about 10 thousand civilizations in the Milky Way (our galaxy).

  • N = The number of communicative civilizations
  • R* = The rate of formation of suitable stars (stars such as our Sun)
  • fp = The fraction of those stars with planets. (Current evidence indicates that planetary systems may be common for stars like the Sun.)
  • ne = The number of Earth-like worlds per planetary system
  • fl = The fraction of those Earth-like planets where life actually develops
  • fi = The fraction of life sites where intelligence develops
  • fc = The fraction of communicative planets (those on which electromagnetic communications technology develops)
  • L = The "lifetime" of communicating civilizations

Drake Equation is designed to predict aliens civilizations, but Peter Backus a Student from London,applies it to finding love in London

Backus said "the probability of finding love in the UK is only about 100 times better than the probability of finding intelligent life in our galaxy"

Peter Backus, 30 years old, found that of the 30 million women in the UK, only 26 would be suitable girlfriends for him, according to Click Liverpool.

Backus's equation looked at the total number of women in the country, then narrowed it down using relevant factors including the number of women in London; the number of "age-appropriate" women (those aged between 24-34); women with a college degree; and those who Mr Backus would find physically attractive.

Peter Backus summarized that on a given night out in London there is a 0.0000034% chance of meeting a girl/woman that meets his criteria and who is also interested in him.

That makes his odds of finding a girlfriend only about 100 times better .

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