Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Neptune and Uranus Contains Diamond Oceans

Neptune and Uranus PlanetsWe don't need to go to the Pandora Country in the Avatar Movie to dig unobtanium, because Neptune and Uranus planets have allegedly diamond iceberg floating in a sea of diamonds.

Surprising discovery that comes from detailed measurements of the melting point diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.

The scientists believe the diamond with a laser compressed to 40 times stronger than Earth's atmosphere at sea temperature. Then gradually reduced both temperature and pressure.

Coincidentally, the diamond behaves like water, the freezing and melting and the clouds are floating diamonds on the elements of fluid also is a diamond. Diamond Oceans that have been explained why the magnetic field at Uranus and Neptune deviated from latitude north and south latitude, meaning that the diamond element is able to deflect a magnetic field.

Both these planets contain 10% carbon, the essential elements that form a diamond slab. Scientists cann't really make sure to launch a second mission to the planet or trying to simulate the conditions of the neptune and uranus planets in the earth.

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