Monday, March 15, 2010

Online free web site design tools blog, HTML color picker

If you've found some online tools on my post that's not working , it was caused by. the server ( where I save my files has been closed.

And finally I decided to make a simple blog with free online tool, for the purposes of designing blogs / website design for your blogs or websites please. So, check out here:

A new blog 1 day old, while still containing :

  1. HTML Color HEX Code Generator (post)
  2. Encode JavaScript / HTML Entities Tool (post)
  3. JavaScript / HTML Encryption Tool (post)
  4. Free Bullets, icons ..

online html color code maker tool

Want to place your Adsense code within blogger posting, under post title..? , here are the easy steps:

1. Parse the code to replace special characters with HTML Entities Tool
2. Login to Blogger, go to Layout - Edit HTML - Check-list "Expand Widget Templates"
3. Search for <data:post.body/> or <p><data:post.body/></p>
4. Place your Adsense code on the line immediately above this
5. Save the template,

<div align="center">

&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;&lt;!--
google_ad_client = &quot;pub-xxxxxxxxxxxx&quot;;
google_ad_host = &quot;pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&quot;;
google_ad_slot = &quot;xxxxxx&quot;;
google_ad_width = 336;
google_ad_height = 280;
&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;


Placing adsense code such as above, is does not violate to TOS of adsense , because it is not make changes to the adsense code , but make changes to the template codes.

A "blog" still be prepared , there are two post :H1, H2, H3 basic guide settings to make blogspot more SEO friendly - How to make related posts appear on each posting blogger/blogspot.. (related category/label widget)
,SEO C0ntest - Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign

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  1. Un articol foarte interesant. De asemenea si blogul este frumos si am gasit o groaza de lucruri interesante. Merita sa-l adaug in bookmark. Tine-o tot asa si te voi vizita in fiecare zi. :)


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