Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WebM Codec, Web Video Format Based Open Source By Google

Google more aggressively to strengthen their influence in web technology. This time Google released a new video codec based on open source that is named WebM and has provided the SDK (software development kit) for the developer community .

WebM idea originated from the Google acquisitions to On2 Technologies who developed V8 video codec. The goal is to make this WebM as one of the format adopted by HTML5 , Google already uses this new codec to all YouTube videos and has been supported Google Chrome Browser. "We think the video should be free and open to anyone," Sundar Pinchai, Google's VP Product Marketing said, in the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, Thursday [20-05-2010]

Some of the famous browsers already expressed support for the WebM formats, including Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google itself. But you might ask why there are two names that have not appeared that is Safari and IE...hoho..I don't know

More details about WebM , goto

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