Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halalscape Browser - islamic-browser ,safe and sophisticated

Halalscape islamic browser safe
As with KidZui and I'm halal (search engine) that I have post before, Halalscape also one of safe browsers that allows you to protect your children from adult contents in the Internet world.

While many scattered adult sites, gambling and porn sites. Halalscape designed to provide peace of mind. Halalscape have Performance, Security, Privacy, Customization, Productivity, Tabs, Bookmarks, Universal Access is good and much more. Halalscape has it all. Halalscape mingle with popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, Altavista, Lycos, and MSN. This means you are always protected, safe and has sophisticated features .

If you are a parent and worry about your kids browsing on a non-standard browser that is protected. The browser will protect you and your children and your entire family. and good thing it is completely FREE to use.

Well, please download directly to the site here:


  1. Thanks, it seems like a very useful product.

  2. I came here with a hope for my kids, for adopting to browse through Halalscape. Am astonished to see your adds, specially the one on the left, saying free download MP3. I mean look at the title picture on it.


  3. Think about what can you do and give to other people, don't thinking about what other people did for themselves


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